May 28, 2022


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The Rise of Connected Lighting Solutions in SMEs

The Rise of Connected Lighting Solutions in SMEs

2021 was a challenging year for small and medium enterprises (SMEs).

2021 was a challenging year for small and medium enterprises (SMEs). SMEs are the pillar of the international economy, accounting for 90% of all businesses in the world. Unfortunately, SMEs were also the main victims of the COVID19 pandemic. Many SMEs had to cease operations or rely on government aids to survive during the pandemic.

Crippling supply chain disruptions and labor shortages forced many SMEs to reconsider their budgeting approaches. Here’s what they found –

  • For most SMEs, energy costs represent up to 30% of their annual budgets.
  • SMEs are responsible for up to 20% of all greenhouse gas emissions in the world every year.
  • SMEs that don’t prioritize green energy may find it harder to apply for government loan programs.
  • Despite rising costs, SMEs have to invest in the latest technological solutions. For instance, investing in IoT devices (Internet of Things) is a strategy many SME leaders employ to outperform competitors.

Thankfully, “green” lighting solutions are now very cheap and easily accessible. Even better, smart lighting control systems that feature energy-efficient LED lightbulbs are now easily available for SME leaders. By installing high-quality smart lighting control technology, SMEs can cut down their annual energy costs by 70% or more.

The Need for Connected Lighting Solutions

There’s a major connectivity revolution going on, and SMEs are in the midst of it all. The total number of IoT devices in the world is increasing at a rate of 200%. Large-scale businesses already have different versions of IoT technology integrated into their day-to-day operations. It’s high time for SMEs to follow suit.

But aren’t smart devices expensive? Yes, but smart lighting systems are not. Investing in Connected lighting in SME is the first logical step for leaders. These systems are much cheaper and easier to install than other smart devices. SME leaders can take the first step to make their workspaces “smart” by investing in low-cost connected lighting systems.

Why Have a Connected Lighting System?

Connectivity, in general, is great for our lives. That’s why so many companies have private in-house communication systems that keep their workers connected at all times. The same logic applies to connected lighting systems. SMEs that use connected lighting systems experience several qualitative, quantitative, and financial advantages.

  • Create Controlled Work Environments: With smart lighting in SME, business leaders can create highly controlled workspace environments. They can make their office building’s lounge areas more comfortable. They can modify the lights in meeting rooms to make workers more productive.
  • Cost-Efficiency: Controlled and connected lighting systems also boost the energy-saving capabilities of SMEs. As stated before, most SMEs fail to meet their sustainability targets. They unnecessarily inflate their carbon footprints by using old-school lighting solutions that require constant repairs and replacements. By switching to smart LED lights – these SME leaders can drastically cut down their annual energy costs.

Evolve with Evolving Office Buildings

In the post-pandemic world, most people are not physically present in their offices for long periods. The office buildings of tomorrow are likely to be vacant most of the time. By installing smart lighting systems, business leaders can regulate the amount of energy they use. Connected lighting systems automatically turn off to save energy when they’re not in use. Office buildings are evolving. Lighting systems should also evolve. That’s why fully-integrated “smart” lighting control systems are so popular in SMEs.

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