May 28, 2022


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Mann Ki Baat: PM Modi spoke in the midst of Corona crisis- free vaccine program will continue in the country, given the courage to fight the epidemic

Mann Ki Baat

New Delhi, Agencies. Prime Minister Narendra Modi once again addressed the country amidst the deepening corona crisis in the country. PM Modi spoke Mann Ki Baat to the countrymen today. This was the 76th edition of Mann Ki Baat. During this time, PM Modi has spoken to the countrymen about the crisis arising out of the second wave of Corona. He said that the country is going through a time of crisis. He spoke about the situation arising out of the Corona epidemic in the country and many important things related to the vaccine. He said that the free vaccine program will continue in the country.

This program of Prime Minister Narendra Modi took place at a time when there is a serious situation due to Corona crisis in the country. New record cases of corona infection are coming out in the country every day. Along with this, a large number of people are losing their lives due to Corona. Oxygen deficiency has arisen in many parts of the country including Delhi, due to which the lives of patients have been lost. Let’s know the main things about PM Modi’s address.

PM Modi spoke on Corona crisis

Inaugurating the Mann Ki Baat program, PM Modi said that today I am speaking to you at a time when Corona is testing the limits of tolerance of all of us with patience. Many left themselves untimely and left. PM Modi said that after successfully dealing with the first wave of COVID19, the morale of the country was high but this storm has shaken the country. To deal with this wave of COVID, I have had meetings with experts in many fields such as the pharma industry, oxygen production, etc.

PM Modi said that in the time of such crisis, the importance of the vaccine is being known. I urge you not to get into any rumors about the Corona vaccine.

Government is working to deal with the Corona crisis

PM Modi said that the Government of India is dedicated to furthering the efforts of the State Governments to deal with the current situation of Kovid. I appeal to all of you to get information about Kovid from reliable sources only. I see many doctors have gone on social media to share information on Kovid and are also providing counseling. PM Modi said that the program of free vaccine will continue even further.

PM Modi said that at this time we have to give priority to experts and scientific advice to win this battle. The Government of India is fully engaged in taking forward the efforts of the State Government. With this, PM Modi said that I urge all of you, if you want any information, if you have any other apprehension, take information from the right source. Your family doctors, nearby doctors, you should contact them by phone and get advice.

PM Modi said that the program of free vaccine on behalf of the Government of India is still going on, it will continue. I also urge the states to extend the benefits of this free vaccine campaign of the Government of India to as many people as possible.

Talk to Corona Warriors

PM Modi spoke to nurse Bhavna working in Raipur and Sister Surekha working in Bangalore and got to know their experiences. Apart from this, PM Modi also talked to Dr. Shashank of Mumbai and Dr. Naavid of Srinagar regarding Corona. PM Modi spoke to Ambulance driver Prem Verma. He also spoke to Preeti Chaturvedi of Gurugram who is recovering from Corona.

PM Modi said that as people of our medical field today, Frontline Workers are engaged in day-to-day service work. Similarly, other people of the society too, at this time, are not lagging behind. The country is once again united and fighting a battle against Corona.

PM Modi also said that this time, new awareness is being seen in the villages as well. By strictly following the Kovid rules, people are protecting their village from Corona, making correct arrangements for those who are coming from outside.

More than three lakh cases were found for the fourth consecutive day

The condition of corona epidemic in the country is becoming increasingly serious. The number of infected is breaking records every day. A record 3,46,786 new cases were found on Saturday. This is the fourth consecutive day that more than three lakh cases have been reported. 2,624 infected have died in one day. 

Let me tell you that the last time PM Modi addressed the country through the radio program Mann Ki Baat on 28 March. The radio program airs on the last Sunday of every month at 11 am, which can be heard live on All India Radio as well as television, Facebook, Twitter pages and mobile apps. 

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