May 28, 2022


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Connected Lighting In SME: The Smartest Way Of Lighting Small Businesses

Connected Lighting In SME The Smartest Way Of Lighting Small Businesses

The small business manufacturers aid in the movement of the supply chain. Therefore, using IoT-enabled lighting platforms are popular in small business enterprises.

The small business manufacturers aid in the movement of the supply chain. Therefore, using IoT-enabled lighting platforms are popular in small business enterprises. These platforms collect valuable insights from the connected lighting in SME to make good improvements. The IoT connected lighting platforms also manage the user ad device security enables data governance, storage, and ingestion. 

  • With businesses looking forward to green technology, all they need is to optimize lighting solutions and energy usage. 
  • Quite naturally, the smart lighting options help them save energy in various ways. 
  • For instance, small business premises with adequate natural light may reduce the intensity of artificial lights and use less energy with dim lights. 
  • The office premises of SME’s may reduce the overhead cost with smart lighting solutions and motivate the employees to choose the intensity of lights that boost their efficiency.
  • The optimization of lights requires less energy and avoids wastage.

Using smart lights in the office:

Have you ever tried controlling SME lighting from a remote location through your phone app? Turning the lights off physically is a possibility for SME’s. Still, it may often turn out to be cumbersome for different branch offices wherein the employees leave the office premises at different hours. 

With technology expanding in different areas, the smart and connected light solution is best suited for small business enterprises and reduces energy expenses drastically. 

  • The smart lights allow you to turn all the office lights on and off using various networks, such as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.
  • When the employee strength within the office premises reduces to half or even less during the evening hours, the smart light solutions allow you to dim the lights based on the requirements, resulting in massive energy savings.
  • Saving energy usage within the office premises is a cost-cutting measure and makes the SME engaged in sustainable business practices. 
  • If your office has colored LED bulbs, the smart and connected technology may also allow you to adjust the color from a remote network.

Replacing the traditional lights:

More and more SMEs use smart LED bulbs in their premises due to higher efficiency ratings and adaptability towards different office setups. If you are looking forward to making the office space more energy-effective, here is what you need to know about the LED options. 

  • The LED bulbs last about ten to twenty times compared to the conventional lights.
  • As the LED lights last longer than the traditional bulbs, they cost less. 
  • Compared to the conventional lighting options, the LED smart lights have low heat output, allowing the SME premises to stay cooler and reduce fire risk. 
  • With lower carbon emissions and no toxic materials present, such as mercury, the LED smart lights are way safer than the other options. 
  • You can choose from different bulb colors and designs to align with your preferences. 

Controlling the usage of smart lighting in SME is simple and effective. Whether sitting on a remote island or watching television on the bed, the lights can go on and off and the intensity adjusted from any device. No wonder connectivity is the key aspect of lighting the business premises.

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