July 5, 2022


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Buying Philips UVC Lamps for Home Use in 2022: Key Quality Details to Consider

Buying Philips UVC Lamps for Home Use in 2022 Key Quality Details to Consider

The rising popularity of UVC lamps is not surprising. Believe it or not, UVC lights have served as amazing disinfectants since the 19th century.

The rising popularity of UVC lamps is not surprising. Believe it or not, UVC lights have served as amazing disinfectants since the 19th century. Even back then, scientists knew that UVC lights can exterminate up to 99.9% of bacteria/viruses. From pathogens on solid surfaces to infectious germs in the air – UVC light can sanitize all types of surfaces.

Here’s how ultraviolet (UV-C) lights function and how they sanitize the air, water, and solid surfaces –

  • Ultraviolet light (UV light) comes in different wavelengths. These wavelengths are shorter than the wavelengths of visible light so they’re invisible to the human eye. 
  • There are three types of UV light or radiation – UV-A, UV-B, and UV-C. The first two – UV-A and UV-B have relatively long wavelengths. They can damage human skin and eyes. 
  • UV-C (or UVC) light has extremely short wavelengths. This feature makes UVC light extremely energetic. UVC light is so strong that it can penetrate the thin cellular walls of microorganisms.
  • UVC light isn’t strong enough to damage human skin or eyes (unless humans expose themselves for too long). But, it is strong enough to disrupt the DNA structures of tiny microorganisms.
  • UVC light will either kill or sterilise microorganisms. Once germs, viruses, bacteria, and other pathogens are no longer capable of reproducing, they don’t pose major infection threats.

Overall indoor UVC lights and air sanitisation products are extremely effective at preventing the transmission of deadly viruses and germs. That’s why they’re so popular in treatment centres, hospitals, and other areas where sanitisation is very important. Nowadays, even individuals are buying and installing UVC lights inside their homes. 

Using UVC Lights at Home

Can you use UVC lights at home? Yes. Various types of indoor UVC lights can help homeowners keep their indoor spaces clean, safe, and sterile. High-quality Philips UVC lamps are very easy to install and use. Anyone can make their homes cleaner, fresher, and healthier with these lamps. 

However, warding off the spread of deadly germs and viruses is never an easy task. Yes, high-output UVC lamps will make this process easier. But, homeowners need to buy the right types of UVC lamps to increase their chances of “sanitisation success.” Here are some key details UVC lamp shoppers must consider –

Quality Standards

If you’re buying Philips UVC disinfection products, you don’t have to worry about quality issues/standards. Top light companies and brands have helped hospitals, clinics, and research institutes in the past. The UV lightbulbs, germicidal ballasts, and other sanitisation products from these top brands are usually very reliable. 

Shoppers only need to avoid low-quality, Chinese-made “UVC” lightbulbs. Due to the COVID19 pandemic, online stores have been flooded with these low-quality bulbs. You can find these fixtures for shockingly low prices. These sellers over-promise on results. In reality, a lot of these poor-quality “UVC” bulbs don’t emit any ultraviolet light at all.

Industry Testing

In addition to brand credibility, you also need to ensure that your UVC bulbs go through strict industry testing processes. Only the UVC light bulbs that pass these testing procedures come with extensive, 3-5-year warranties.

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