May 28, 2022


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Boult Audio Manufacturing the Ideal sports bluetooth earphones For Convenience

Boult Audio

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If you are into sports or are particular about exercising to maintain good health, you must know the impact of music on exercise. Put on a rhythmic song and start walking at a pace matching the rhythm. It will inspire you to walk at the same pace as long as the music is on. But it is also essential to have the right accessory to ensure that the music reaches your ears even when exercising inside a noisy gym. 

Welcome home the new sports bluetooth earphones from Boult Audio that will make it easier to drown in the music and exercise rigorously for long hours. You will realize that it is perfect for the sportsmen who have to be at practice all the time and the music will help to focus on your target. 

Some features of the products:

  • The flexibility of the wireless earphone is the first thing that you need. If the neckband is comfortably settling on your neck, then it will never hinder your practice sessions. Use the FlowX model from Boult Audio, and you will know how the flexibility will make you feel as if you are not using any accessories at all.
  • And what if there are urgent calls to take while you are in action? You can simply use the voice command mode and receive the calls or call someone else using voice promoting.
  • Flow X model is also the accurate one for you when you are sweating it out. The sweat tends to damage the earphones. But not this one. With IPX5 water resistance ability, your earphone will never suffer from damages on exposure to rain or sweat.

Style redefined

Some of you may have been refraining from buying the Boult Audio products, thinking that the premium quality earphones will be available in the most common colors only, especially when you are buying on availing of discounts. But that is a myth, as the running earphones like the Curve are available in colors like Scarlet red and Sapphire blue. You can flaunt the earphone apart from enjoying the myriad benefits of the same.

  • Silicone earbuds stick to the ear canal and won’t fall off, even when the cord will undergo slight position changes as you run or walk around.
  • Maintaining focus and concentration is an important aspect of sports practice. And for that, you should cut off all the other noises in the space and concentrate on a single idea or music. The Noise Cancellation Feature of the Boult Audio Curve has integrated the best technology to clear out the background disturbances. It is also a great help when taking office calls amidst noisy areas or with family.

Common features

Most of the earphones running on Bluetooth use the latest version of the Bluetooth codec to ensure that there are no disturbances in the sound transmission from the device. Voice control and water-resistance are the common features that you can find in maximum popular models of the boult Audio. Don’t waste time anymore, and grab the offer to avail of the unbelievable discounts.